Royal Canadian Legion US Branch #25 – Commemoration Day Virtual Service 2022

The program for today’s service is available at

All images and videos used during the ceremony were either original, open source, or were used with permission. Open source images included:

Thank you to the following individuals for participating in the service:

  • Hon. Steve Crocker, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation
  • Jean-Pierre Godbout, Senior Program Advisor in the European Operations Directorate of Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Parks Canada guides Emma and Jacob
  • Dr. Vianne Timmons, OC, President of Memorial University

Thank you to the following individuals or groups for their permission to use the following videos:

The song Recruiting Sergeant by Great Big Sea was created with permission from:

Using public domain images from:

You can access a copy of just that video at

Thank you to Legion Magazine for permission to include their “Military Moment” on the Battle of Beaumont Hamel. The original video is available at

Finally, thank you to members of Branch 25 (San Francisco) of the Royal Canadian Legion and members of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps – Arkansas Division.

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