Mission Matters Newsletter: Do Good Twice with Giving In July!

An item from the Wreaths Across America organization that may be of interest to members.


Dear Michael Barbour,


It’s hard to believe that the longest day of this year is already behind us. As the days begin to shorten, we are reminded of that old saying that time marches on.


It’s also the time of year for graduations, weddings and young people beginning the next phase of their lives. As parents and grandparents, we watch them take these big steps and hope that we have instilled in them qualities that will help them along the way… responsibility, kindness, empathy, and sense of community, to name a few.

These thoughts crossed my mind as I sat down to write about our “Giving in July” program. During this month we highlight like-minded organizations who raise funds for their cause using our $5 back sponsorship program. To date, more than $17 million has been given back to help fund local community causes through this WAA initiative. In addition, and to the point of preparing our “kids” for the real world, it is also an opportunity to teach, through a real-life example, the benefit of working together for a greater good.

giving in july 2022

It would be disingenuous to have the mission to remember, honor, teach and not work with those who are working towards the same goals. These partnerships enable us to better serve the veteran community, and others.


Across the country dedicated WAA volunteers adhering to the same concept bring diverse groups of people together to honor those who have served and involve their communities in the experience. Their efforts are not only making a difference today, but an impression that will influence the next generation. The ‘kids’ are watching, and finding a way to serve in your community helps them learn how they too can make a difference.


“ Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” …. Henry Ford


Have a Happy July. Embrace your freedom and family and stay America Strong and America Proud.


With gratitude,


Karen Worcester

Executive Director

These Are the Times That Try Men’s Souls” 

With schools out for summer across the country, parents and caregivers of school-aged children may be thinking, or even saying those words made famous by Thomas Paine in 1776! But never fear, Wreaths Across America Teach Curriculum is here to save the day!

Learn more about our July 4th activities by clicking on the button.

in kind

Visit the Mobile Education Exhibit

Mobile Education Exhibit

The Wreaths Across America Mobile Education Exhibit will make stops in Minnesota, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and Washington in July.


The exhibit serves as a mobile museum, educating visitors about the service and sacrifice of our nation’s heroes as well as serving as an official ‘welcome home’ station for our nation’s Vietnam Veterans.

Featured Merchandise

July is the perfect time of year to start thinking about the holiday season, and this year’s themed ornament makes the perfect gift!


Or, show your support of the mission at all this summer’s parties with our new logo’d Tumbler!

WAA Tumbler

Make sure to follow Wreaths Across America official channels on social media for the most up-to-the-minute news on the mission throughout the year:


Wreaths Across America, PO Box 249, Columbia Falls, ME 04623, United States, 877-385-9504

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