Peacekeeping… and keeping the peace

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Canada's History

Canada in Focus: War & Peace

Is Canada really a nation of peacekeepers?

Canada in Focus is a five-part video series that seeks to explain the historical context of current Canadian topics and issues by tracing a current topic back through history, highlighting key events and turning points. Watch now

Illustration of people standing around a tree while holding hands.


The Haudenosaunee story of the Peacemaker tells how five Indigenous nations came together to stop war. Read more

Artist Philip Cote stands before a mural he created.

Ties of Kinship

Long before Confederation, the 1764 Treaty of Niagara enshrined enduring relationships between First Nations and the Crown. Read more

Elsbeth Heaman standing in front of a poster.

Connecting Communities

Elsbeth Heaman suggests that you cannot answer the question, “how can we get along and connect?” without recourse to history. Watch now

Black & white photo of men playing hockey on outdoor rink.

Canadian Veterans Return to the Ice

An annual hockey game honours the relationships forged during the Korean War. Read more

Photo Credit: Blue Helmets by Zack Lee is used under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Modifications to this photo include cropping.

The End of Peacekeeping?

After the Afghanistan War, Canada is no longer merely a peacekeeping nation. Originally published in April 2012. Read more


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Cover of the August-September issue featuring an illustration of Les patriotes.

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Canada’s History Archive featuring The Beaver

Please note: Some items featured in our newsletters and social media will include links to the Canada’s History Archive. The Beaver magazine was founded, and for decades was published, during eras shaped by colonialism. Concepts such as racial, cultural, or gender equality were rarely, if ever, considered by the magazine or its contributors. In earlier issues, readers will find comments and terms now considered derogatory. Canada’s History Society cautions readers to explore the archive using historical thinking concepts — not only analyzing the content but asking questions of who shaped the content and why.
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