National Battle of Britain Commemoration has been Cancelled

An item from our colleagues from the RCAF Association.

Dear Fellow Association Members,

On behalf of the Chairman Colonel (Ret) Terry Chester, CD, I wish to convey that the national Battle of Britain Commemoration, in Ottawa, has been officially cancelled. Any decision to cancel local Battle of Britain activities should be reached in cooperation with your municipal (local) officials, out of respect for your fellow residents’ likely preference to participate in official mourning events marking the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.​

As you know, Canada commemorates the Battle of Britain on the Sunday following the 15th of September, each year. This year our collective desire to properly mourn the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II makes commemoration of the Battle of Britain not possible. The Commander RCAF has now cancelled the national commemoration of the Battle of Britain, owing to the official mourning period and also to prepare for formal events at the national level, to mark the passing on Monday 19 September, here in Ottawa.

We understand many Wings and members have made arrangements to mark the Battle of Britain on Sunday 18 September, in keeping with our tradition. The decision to cancel or postpone such arrangements is a decision you should reach in collaboration with municipal officials who might also be facing the need to make adjustments owing to an understandable desire to participate in and/or observe official mourning events through the period 18-19 September.

Thank you for your kind understanding, and your respect for our patron Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

God Save the King.

Please do not hesitate to write to ( Dean Black ) if you have any questions.


This e-mail was sent from Royal Canadian Air Force Association (

Royal Canadian Air Force Association,405-222 Somerset St. West Ottawa ON K2P 2G3 CANADA, Phone Number:(613) 232-4281, Fax Number: (613) 232-2156, Email Address:, Website :

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