Militaries, governments get serious about UFOs

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Stephen J thorne


Militaries, governments get serious about UFOs


On the night of July 30, 2021, a Canadian military transport out of Trenton, Ont., and a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight heading from Boston to Amsterdam both reported an unidentified flying object over the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

According to the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System, report No. 2021A0440, the two aircraft called in “a bright green flying object.”

“It flew into a cloud, then disappeared,” said the single-page document. “No impact to operations.

“CFC4003 was at F300 [30,000 feet] and thought it was flying; while KLM618 was at F400 and thought it was space debris. There was no indication of the direction of movement, speed or any identifying marks.”




U.S National Archives

The Spanish flu ravaged Canada and its soldiers


In October 1918, about 1,000 Canadians a day were dying of the Spanish flu.

There is great debate about how the scourge arrived in Canada.

Did it come north with U.S. soldiers shipping out through Canada? The epidemic hit Camp Funston in Kansas in January. Since it was contagious before symptoms first appeared, it spread along rail lines from camp to camp, then to troopships bound for Europe.

Did it arrive with the 94,000 Chinese Labour Corps workers bound for the front lines in Europe, who crossed Canada in sealed cars in March 1918? Cases with similar symptoms—patients turning blue from lack of oxygen and coughing up blood—were recorded in northern China in 1917.



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