‘Come dive with us:’ The politics of archeology

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Front Lines
Stephen J thorne

Russian Ministry of Defence, Mil.ru

‘Come dive with us:’ The politics of archeology


On April 22, 2022, locked in an epic struggle for its very existence, the government in Kyiv took the seemingly incongruous step of declaring the recently sunken Russian warship Moskva a Ukrainian underwater cultural object.

Moskva had been hit nine days earlier by two Neptune anti-ship missiles fired from somewhere south of Odessa.

The sinking was particularly satisfying to Ukrainians, not only because the 39-year-old missile cruiser was the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet or that it was in the vanguard of Russia’s invasion of their country, but because it was Moskva that had ordered Ukrainian troops garrisoned on Snake Island to surrender, only to be told: “Russian warship, go fuck yourself!”


200 Greatest Canadians
200 Greatest Canadians
Military Milestones
Daughters of the King now mothers of Canada

Daughters of the King now mothers of Canada


In the mid-1660s, King Louis XIV of France had a problem.

He wanted to establish a strong and profitable colony in North America. But male workers who finished their contracts and soldiers who left the army did not stay on in New France. It was no way to build a colony.

An incentive was needed to keep them in Canada. The king’s advisor Jean-Baptiste Colbert had a solution.

Women. And in short order, children.


Iris Advantage

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