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Royal Canadian Legion Scholarship Opportunities

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Royal Canadian Legion Masters Scholarship in Veteran Health Research

Canada provides our military with the best training and equipment in the world but we must also ensure that when these soldiers return home to the “new battlefield” of challenges due to physical and mental injuries or the social challenges of reintegrating into family and community life that they are provided with the same level of support. This support must be based on the best evidence possible resulting from research from the best and brightest Canada has to offer.

To this end, The Royal Canadian Legion is proud to award an annual entrance scholarship of $30,000 ($15,000/year for 2 years) to a Master’s level student specializing in research related to Veterans and their families.

For more information on The Royal Canadian Legion, please visit: www.legion.ca

Now accepting applications for 2018:

Please submit your PDF application by May 31, 2018 to CIMVHR and ensure receipt by:

Application Form

2018 Application Guidelines

Wounded Warriors Doctoral Scholarship in Military and Veteran Health Research

More Canadian research is needed to address the needs over the life course of those who serve or have served our nation and their families. The Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR) and Wounded Warriors Canada (WWC) have made a ten year commitment to Canadian scholarships that will ensure a lasting legacy for military and Veteran health research in Canada by training a future generation of researchers. One scholarship will be awarded annually to a PhD student who demonstrates excellence in research issues relevant to military members, Veterans and families while also exhibiting significant potential for a high impact research career. Students will be funded for $18,000 each year for two years.

We are accepting applications until September 1, 2018.

Please submit your applications to, and ensure that you receive confirmation from Julie Burch:  julie.burch@cimvhr.ca.

For more information on Wounded Warriors Canada visit: www.woundedwarriors.ca

Application Guidelines

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