Remembering Dieppe, 75 Years Ago

From the Legion Magazine on this, the anniversary of Dieppe.


The Dieppe Raid
August 19, 1942 – 2017

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid. The service and sacrifice of Canadians who fought there will never be forgotten. This year, mail all of your important envelopes with our 75th commemorative Dieppe Raid Mailing Labels, which come in two different versions and are available for only $1.75 for 30 labelsClick here to explore more.

The disastrous Dieppe Raid of Aug. 19, 1942, is most commonly remembered by a grim statistic—the greatest one-day losses sustained by the Canadian Army during the Second World War. Of the almost 5,000 Canadian soldiers who took part in this ill-fated raid on occupied France, more than half became casualties. Sadly, a total of 916 Canadians would lose their lives.

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Winston Churchill

As Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the Second World War, Churchill led Britain and inspired the Allied Forces to victory over Nazi Germany.

Churchill is considered to be among the most influential Britons of all time.


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