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From the Legion Magazine.

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Celebrate our nation‘s great history!

 Happy Canada Day Weekend! 
Step into Canada’s rich history!
Have a look at our NEW Canadian Made products below!

Canada’s Maple Woods – Set of Three – V.1

Canadian Maple Woods Prints 
By Artist Jennifer Morse

“The sky in autumn is bluer than at any other time of year. On a perfect day in October, maple leaves are fluorescent against the sky. I woke up to that one morning two years ago. I dragged an 8’ x 4’ board into the woods, piled tubes of paints at my feet and started mixing and layering colours. The sunlight illuminated the leaves. It was like a cathedral, with light streaming through red, orange, gold, lime and blue stained glass.  I didn’t realize my feet were soaked until dusk forced me to stop. The next day the leaves fell.”

Canadian Woods
Prints | Starting at $34.99
By Artist Jennifer Morse

4 Vertical Prints Versions
3 Horizontal Prints Versions

Canada’s Maple Woods triptychs

1 Set of Three – Vertical
1 Set of Three – Horizontal


Canadian Wood Painting!

Available in English, French and Bilingual!

O Canada is Canada’s national anthem. It represents all Canadians and all corners of our country. Display your Canadian pride by displaying one or more of our new O Canada posters in your home or workplace.

O Canada Posters V1

O Canada Poster (V.1) – English
Featured Poster | From $29.95 – $44.95


O Canada Poster (V.2) - English

O Canada Poster (V.2) – English
Featured Poster | From $29.95 – $44.95


O Canada Poster (V.3) - English

O Canada Poster (V.3) – English
Featured Poster | From $29.95 – $44.95


O Canada Poster (V.3) - Bilingual

O Canada Poster (V.1) – BILINGUAL
Featured Poster | From $29.95 – $44.95


Canada’s Ultimate Story
Select-Your-Own-5-Volume Set
O Canada | The history of our home and native land


O Canada:
The history of our
home and native land

Only $14.95 + shipping and taxes

O Canada tells our story from our first peoples through to our achievements in space. With hundreds of photos and illustrations, this entertaining magazine is full of Canadiana, personalities, achievements and amazing statistics.

• Written by award-winning author Don Gillmor
• Introduction by CBC’s Rick Mercer
• Who are our greatest Canucks?
• Relive Canada’s most defining moments!


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