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From one of our fellow Canadian organizations in the Bay area.

July 12th — Peninsula Area
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
CiT is an evening event hosted every month to celebrate all things Canadian and all things tech. Whether you live in the Bay Area or you’re just visiting, we welcome you to join us July 12th, for some drinks and good conversation—you’ll be in good company! This is a ticketed event, so please RSVP below if you wish to attend.
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Distribution tends to take a backseat to building a sexy product in early startup cycles. But, as one of the first 25 employees at Uber, Andre Charoo, VP New Markets at Hired, reminds us that prioritizing the distribution model first will help determine what you should build.
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Together with RBC, “our stories_” is a collection of real-life stories of successes, failures and insights into how to make the most of the connection between Silicon Valley and Canada.
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Highlights from 48Hrs in the Valley
New additions to our community 

We’re proud to have hosted 21 of Canada’s fastest-growing startups at our cornerstone event. 48Hrs may be over, but C100’s journey with these founders is just beginning and we’re excited for what these Canadian entrepreneurs have in store!

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Words of advice to entrepreneurs from our speakers:

Frame the roles on your team around what individuals enjoy doing, giving you and them more leverage: “Do only the things you can do.”

– Kristen Hamilton, CEO of Koru

You can build a winning company from any geography: “Silicon Valley has gone from being a place to a state of mind.”

– Ajay Royan, Managing General Partner of Mithril Capital 

Be able to sell on your mission and vision to your first employees:  “Starting a company may make a lot of sense, but deciding to be employee number 20 doesn’t always make sense. The company needs to have a story—a clear vision that attracts people”

– Michelle Zatlyn, COO of Cloudflare

What’s happening in Canada?
VCs view Canada as the new tech frontier. Pitchbook’s 1H 2018 Canadian PE & VC FactBook shows increased foreign investment in Canadian startups. Full Report
AngelList introduces new program that encourages private capital investment into early-stage Canadian startups.  Full Article
PayPal acquires Vancouver startup Hyperwallet for $400M. Article
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