C100 is looking for our next team member! Hackathon #2 recap and more!

A newsletter from one of our fellow Canadian organizations in the Bay Area.  And thanks to C100 for hosting a poppy box in their offices and at their events throughout the month (and for the plug in their newsletter)!

C100 is Looking For Our Next Intern!
Are you a university student with a passion for entrepreneurship and technology? Do you know someone who would be a great candidate? C100 is hiring for a 4 or 8 month Intern or Co-op Student for a Program Analyst role in San Francisco! The intern will support the team and C100’s entrepreneurs through curated program initiatives, offering business analysis, operations and data analysis during the term. Click the below for more details!
Apply Now
C100 Hackathon Recap
Last week at C100’s Hackathon #2, we brought together an incredible group to focus on the topic of creating a matched platform to connect our community.
Each team had their own creative ideas, summarized below:
Team 1:​ A directory and communication channel using the tool ​Vanilla Forums​
Team 2: ​A directory and communication channel using a WordPress plugin ​UM​
Team 3:​ A custom code directory and communication channel with a login portal linked with Linkedin’s API that lives on the C100’s website
C100 is excited to review the team’s proposals and work with our our participants on innovative ways to bring the community closer together. Stay tuned!
Remembrance Day
C100 would like to thank Michael Barbour for visiting us last week. He is a part of the The Royal Canadian Legion US Zone, Branch #25 representing the San Francisco Bay area. Each year the Royal Canadian Legion conducts the Poppy campaign and C100 will be participating this year with poppies being available during our November events!

If you are interested in hosting a poppy box at your business or organization, please click here for more information.

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