We did it!

Another item from a fellow veterans organization in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Honor those who served this 4th of July
Dear Michael Barbour,

Last week, we set an ambitious goal to raise $1776 EVERY SINGLE DAY!

And thanks to patriotic Americans like you — we did it.

That means we can serve even more active duty and veteran Marines and members of ALLmilitary branches.

Because everyone may not have had an opportunity to participate, we decided to extend the campaign and grow this movement of support and gratitude for those who proudly protect our cherished freedoms, way of life and amazing Country.

If you recently made your gift, thank you! If not, now’s your chance to help us raise an additional $1776.

Keep The Good Going
Your support directly impacts our military heroes.

You make sure those who have fallen are remembered and their families are lifted up. You provide educational scholarships to veterans and their children. You send care packages around the world to keep our troops in good spirits. You honor their service every time you make a gift.

So let’s keep the good going and raise another $1776 today.

Make your gift now and know that you’re making a difference for our service men and women, their families and our veterans.


Jan C. Huly
Lieutenant General, USMC (Ret)
President and CEO

Forward to a Friend
*If your giving is restricted to 501(c)3 organizations, please consider a gift to Marines’ Memorial Foundation which supports all programs of the Marines’ Memorial Association. Please contact the Marines’ Memorial Development Department at development@marinesmemorial.orgfor more information.
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