PODCAST – First Into Germany: And he did it on a Harley!

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Doughboy Podcast A

First Into German:
And he did it on a

Episode #147

Iconic picture of Sgt. Roy Holtz riding on his Harley 11/12/18 – but this is actually not a Sgt. yet, only a Cpl. AND he is not in Germany here, though he WAS the first man into Germany. What? Here is the whole story!

SPECIAL: First Man into Germany


Hear the full unabridged story of
“First into Germany: SGT Roy Holtz – And he did it on a Harley”
By author Robert Laplander
Read by Host, Theo Mayer

Introduction | 01:55

  • Part 1: Yup, That’s Me! | 03:10
  • Part 2: It’s Off to War… | 08:25
  • Part 3: Rolling With the Red Arrow! | 14:25
  • Part 4: Oh… You’ve GOT to be kidding!? | 20:05
  • Part 5: The Real Story Behind the Picture. | 27:10
  • Epilog | 32:50

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