Our next Virtual Roundtable: Startup Playbook in a Sudden Downturn – Adapting your Business Plan for Recession Times

An item from one of our fellow Canadian organizations in the Bay Area.

C100 is excited to share our newest series of virtual roundtables in collaboration with Careerlist: Startup Playbook in a Sudden Downturn. Please join us for the next session on Wednesday.
We look forward to seeing you online!
Upcoming C100 Virtual Roundtables
April 8th @ 9AM PT/12PM ET
Startup Playbook in a Sudden Downturn: Adapting your business plan for recession times
Register Here

Tihomir Bajic (CEO, LTSE Software). The Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE) is an SEC-registered exchange designed to create a new way of being public for companies that aim to build their businesses, advance their visions and generate value for decades to come. To support companies on their pathway to becoming public, Tihomir led the creation of LTSE Software, a suite of tools helping company builders with everything from runway planning, cap table management, headcount planning, to mapping out an IPO, and identifying long term-focused investors. While still completing his comp sci degree at University of Toronto, Tiho joined the Toronto-based Workbrain and witnessed its fast growth and public market debut. He later joined several colleagues to start another Canadian startup; Rypple and helped start their San Francisco office before being acquired by Salesforce. Tiho likes to spend his free time with his 3 kids or with early stage startup founders.

Moderator and Co-host:
Michael Scissons (CEO, Careerlist). Careerlist is building the first modern talent platform, pairing the industry’s top recruiters with technology that transforms the job search experience for candidates. Michael previously founded Flashstock (acq. by Shutterstock), which grew into the global leader in Content as a Service, and Syncapse (acq. by Looksmart), a leading social technology company powering social marketing solutions for global enterprises. More recently, Michael led global eCommerce businesses at AB InBev, launching and acquiring operations in 10+ countries. Michael’s first role out of college was with Facebook, where he served as the Canadian Director of media sales within the Interpublic network, leading Facebook’s sales efforts from its earliest days.

Watch the recording of previous roundtables here
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