WWI Webinar Series: “Finding Your WWI Ancestors”

An item from the World War One Centennial Commission.

WWI Webinar Series

Brought to you by the
Doughboy Foundation

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April 10, 2020 , 1p Eastern •  “FInding Your WWI Ancestors”

join us 4/10

“Finding Your WWI Ancestors”
Genealogy Research Tips & Tricks

Please join us for “FINDING YOUR WWI ANCESTORS” an introduction to WWI genealogy research with author Debra Dudek on Friday, April 10 at 1pm Eastern.

Though these are difficult times, with literally 1 in 4 Americans sheltering in place, it is also an opportunity to get to some of “those” projects you have been too busy to get around to.

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Meet and Learn From the Author

Each participant will receive a free copy of the 100-page “WWI Genealogy Research Guide”, in digital form, featuring hundreds of references and live links to other resources for your research.

Here is your chance to get the tools, resources and know-how to get started. You’ll receive amazing advice, tips and tricks from Debra Dudek who is expert on finding WWI family heritage. You’ll not only enjoy the hour with the very energetic and dynamic Ms. Dudek, but with what you take away, you can create a project that reaches across family units, geography and generations.

Free digital copy of the book

Free 100-page Research Guide
You’ll receive a digital copy of the World War I Genealogy Research Guide

“They Deserve to be Remembered”
narrated by Gary Sinise

We will close with a special screening of the documentary: “They Deserve to be Remembered” – which examines the war, America’s contribution to it and why those who served MUST be remembered. The 7-minute educational short is narrated by veteran advocate, actor and musician Gary Sinise.

Documentary narrated by Gary Sinise

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