Creative Canadian history to help while away the time

Note the item about this “Christmas Truce” that is available below in this month’s Canada’s History magazine.

Stories for the young (and the young at heart)
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Canada's History
Illustration of inn owner serving chicken to a customer.

Good Meal, Fair Deal

The Harlem Chicken Inn serves kindness. Read more

The Christmas Truce

A young boy named Justin finds a letter and learns about the Christmas truce of 1914. Read more

A Gift from the Past

A young boy in the 1930s has trouble deciding what to give his family for Christmas. Read more

Dreams of Home

It is only after two children invite a sailor and soldier for Christmas dinner that they understand what makes a home. Read more

Del’s Truck

Del loved his truck and liked to let other people use it. Until the day when a newcomer scooped it out from under his nose. Read more

Reading lists for everyone!

In case you missed them, in OctoberNovember, and December we released reading lists featuring recent historical fiction and creative writing with a Canadian history backdrop.

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Canada’s History Archive featuring The Beaver

Please note: Some items featured in our newsletters and social media will include links to the Canada’s History Archive. The Beaver magazine was founded, and for decades was published, during eras shaped by colonialism. Concepts such as racial, cultural, or gender equality were rarely, if ever, considered by the magazine or its contributors. In earlier issues, readers will find comments and terms now considered to be derogatory. Canada’s History Society cautions readers to explore the archive using historical thinking concepts — not only analyzing the content but asking questions of who shaped the content and why.
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