75 Years in the Making: Club Amenities Through The Decades

An item from one of our fellow veterans organizations in the Bay Area.

Marines' Memorial: 75 Years in the Making

As Marines’ Memorial continues to open up, we are bringing back many of the offerings you’ve loved for years (hello, Happy Hour!) and reinventing some you’ve known (like Chesty’s Bar and Grill!)


For this look back on the Club’s history, we are exploring the different amenities guests have had access to over the last 75 years…

Shave and a Haircut…
Club amenities through the last 75 years

Commandant's Room

Long before Chesty’s Bar & Grill (and even the Skyroom!), guests and their families enjoyed breakfast and dinner in the elegant Commandants Room on the 10th floor.

Breakfast hours from Commandants

We love Happy Hour on the 12th Floor, but before that, members gathered on the 11th Floor, what is now called the Crystal Lounge, or the 4th Floor’s “Tun Tavern” for all their libation and dancing desires!

11th Deck Bar

Marines' Club Exchange Beauty

Forget something at home?  Well into the 1980’s guests could check out the Club Exchange for all their traveling requirements.

Last minute date and need a haircut? In the 1940’s, the Club boasted a Members-only barber shop.  Then in the 1950’s, guests could stop in to “Moore’s Salon of Beauty”.


Conditioning Clinic

There is a thing about the military and staying fit, and the Club had you covered with a “Conditioning Clinic” (1940’s-1960’s) and even a Physical Therapy room (into the 1990’s).

If our members wanted to travel a bit further outside of the Bay Area? In the 1970’s, the Ambassador Travel Agency operated out of the Club and had Opera, Cruise and Air Tours of Europe.

Tour of Europe Ad


The amenities our members enjoy at Marines’ Memorial Club will continue to adapt as tastes and needs change with the times.  (We doubt our founding Board of Directors would have predicted the need for free wi-fi!) The one amenity that will always be in place is also the most unique– our Living Memorial to the men and women who have given their lives while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Lobby view of Conditioning Clinic

An ad for Moore’s Salon of Beauty from 1956

Moore's Salon Ad

Lobby View from the late 1970’s showing the travel agency (left) and physical therapy office (Right)

Lobby in the 1970's

Club Exchange Ad from the 1970’s

1970's era brochure

What’s your favorite Marines’ Memorial memory?  Visit HERE to read other members’ memories and share your own! You can also email your memory and Club photos to Anniversary@MarinesMemorial.org.  Thank you for being a part of our legacy. 

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