WWI Memorial “Virtual Explorer” App aimed at schools this fall

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WASHINGTON, DC 8/23/2021

The Doughboy Foundation is bringing the new National WWI Memorial from Washington, D.C. to schools and homes all over America with a new release of the award-winning Augmented Reality App called The WWI Memorial “Virtual Explorer”.

The “Virtual Explorer” App brings a walk-around-inside-it digital 3D model of the National WWI Memorial to students and educators utilizing iOS or Android tablets, available in many K-12 schools, or the smartphone already in nearly every pocket.

Students, teachers, or anyone who cannot come to Washington, D.C. can take a virtual field trip to the National WWI Memorial. More than that, the WWI Memorial “Virtual Explorer” App is filled with interactive and experiential WWI history, including:

Virtual Explorer - timeline Tower

The Timeline Tower: An interactive, 2-story tall 3D timeline featuring over 50 key events from WWI with images and short narratives organized up and down the tower in time order.

Virtual Explorer-sinking the Lusitania 2

The Sinking of the Lusitania: A video game-style presentation of this crucial event that was instrumental in drawing America into the global WWI conflict.

Virtual Explorer - Sopwith Camel plane

Vehicles from WWI: Featuring interactive 3D models of breakthrough vehicles that came out of WWI including airplanes, tanks, motorized ambulances and even a 1917 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Virtual Explorer - How WWI Changed America

How WWI Changed America: More than 50 micro-documentaries (each under 2 minutes) in 9 categories featuring leading WWI historians. Social topics include the effect of WWI on Women, African Americans, Native Americans, immigrants, citizenship, propaganda, and even the 1918 flu pandemic.

Virtual Explorer - Military History of WWI

The Military History of WWI: A multi-part exploration of how America transformed from a standing army of less than 130,000 to a global military powerhouse with 4.7 million men and women in uniform, and 2 million soldiers deployed overseas in just 18 months – a timeframe comparable to today’s Covid experience.

virtual Explorer - Stories of Service

Stories of Service: The tools and means to create research-projects about WWI veterans from the local community or families, which can be submitted INTO the App, resulting in an auto-narrated story and images that are shared nationally.

Communicator Award statuette

The WWI Memorial “Virtual Explorer” prototype received a 2021 Communicator Award for “Best Use of Augmented Reality” from the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. This new release builds and expands on that success.

The innovative WWI Memorial Apps initiative has received support and funding from Walmart, the National Endowment for the Humanities, with content from a Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant, resulting in two companion apps.

The companion WWI Memorial “Visitor Guide” is optimized for use on-site when visiting the WWI Memorial. It is a smaller version intended for easy download at the venue.

The WWI Memorial Apps were produced by the Doughboy Foundation in partnership with two California based companies: TechApplication.com, LLC as creator/producer, and game studio Code Headquarters as the developer.

The Apps can be found by searching on “WWI Memorial” in either app store or by going to www.Doughboy.org/apps


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