RCAF (Air Force) Memorials & Monuments

As many of our members are RCAF veterans, this message may be of interest to them.

The RCAF Association needs your help. We have been partnering with the RCAF on many fronts, preparing for the 100th birthday of the RCAF in 2024. Our most pressing project, now, is confirming the status of RCAF (Air Force) Memorials & Monuments across Canada – possibly in your community. Our immediate goal – for which we need information by 1 May 2022 – is to identify specific memorials and monuments in need of repair/refurbishment/refreshment. We are most anxious to identify, for example, as many as two “mounted aircraft” in each province that could use some immediate attention. Can you help us? Can you venture out into your community, and get back to us with a status update? You may want to contact local (municipal) officials to inform them of this important project. This Veterans Affairs Canada website, consists of a database of all such Memorials & Monuments in Canada. 

The RCAF Association Centenary “Navigators” are a small group of your fellow members, working under the leadership of our Chairman Colonel (Ret) Terry Chester (terry.chester@airforce.ca). This busy group of volunteers could really use your assistance, now. Please reach out to  terry.chester@airforce.ca  and let him and the “Navigators” committee know of the state of any and all Memorials & Monuments in your community, especially those featuring RCAF aircraft on a plinth (or “stick”). This will be of great assistance.

Your contribution will be duly noted and recognized as we approach 01 April 2024 and the celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

This e-mail was sent from Royal Canadian Air Force Association (rcaf_list@airforce.ca)

Royal Canadian Air Force Association,405-222 Somerset St. West Ottawa ON K2P 2G3 CANADA, Phone Number:(613) 232-4281, Fax Number: (613) 232-2156, Email Address: director@airforce.ca, Website : http://rcafassociation.ca

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