WEBINAR: “Can the lessons of WWI help us avoid WWIII”

Note this up-coming event from the organization formerly known as the World War One Centennial Commission.

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May 17, 2022


Lessons from WWI promo

Please join us for this timely event.

We have assembled leading WWI historians and experts who will explore the ways that an understanding of WWI might help us avoid slipping into a larger and more devastating world conflict through the crisis in Ukraine. No one intended WWI. What are the parallels? What lessons from WWI can be applied to the situation in Europe today?

Even if you can’t attend live, please register so we can notify you when this webinar becomes available online and on-demand.

Thank you.


Raising Funds for Humanitarian Relief

Humanitarian Relief

The idea for the webinar is to draw parallels between 1914 and 2022. Here is another!

In 1914, Germany’s aggression rolling into Belgium, and then into Europe, caused a massive humanitarian crisis displacing millions. Today, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused over 10 million Ukrainians to flee their homes. Desperate families of women, children and elderlies need shelter, food and care.

So we are asking you – our friends and the entire WWI community of interest to help. All funds will go directly to provide shelter, food and care for displaced Ukrainian refugees.

They need our help.

To Donate

Please text WWIHELP to the number 41444


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