WEBINAR POSTED ON-DEMAND: “Can the lessons of WWI help us avoid WWIII”

The recording for this event that may be of interest to members is now available.

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Our panel of leading WWI historians and experts explored ways that an understanding of WWI might help us avoid slipping into a larger and more devastating world conflict through the crisis in Ukraine.

No one intended WWI. How did a relatively minor event evolve into a global cataclysm? What are the parallels? WWI, WWII and the conflict in Ukraine all involve the Baltic region. Why might that be? What lessons from WWI can be applied to the region, situation and conditions today to forestall escalation? What lessons from WWI might the diplomats and negotiators keep in mind as they explore the paths and roadblocks to peace?

If you attended, we created a transcript as a reference. It is a surprisingly interesting read. If you did not, choose your way of accessing the event. We have the webinar video, an audio podcast (great for drivetime) and the transcript available on-demand.

Thank you.


Raising Funds for Humanitarian Relief

Humanitarian relief fundraising thermometer

The webinar is also a fundraiser for humanitarian relief aimed at Ukrainian refugees. Estimates are that more than 12,000,000 have left their homes. The humanitarian crisis is real and severe.

So we are asking you – our friends and the entire WWI community of interest to help. All funds will go directly to provide shelter, food and care for these Ukrainian refugees. They need our help.

In memory of young Herbert Hoover and his humanitarian relief efforts in Belgium in WWI, Read the story by clicking above to understand why you should help today in 2022.

To Donate Now

Please text WWIHELP to the number 41444


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