Asian-Canadian History: Not Just Immigrants

Members should note the item below on “Witness to War… And Peace” that may be of particular interest in this edition of Canada’s History magazine.

Plus: Being Kaur | New Museum opens…
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Canada's History
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Not Just Immigrants

South Asian Canadian Legacy Project aims at preserving the community’s heritage through historic site tours, a travelling museum, educational resources and more. Read more


Home Made Visible

In preserving and contextualizing old home movie footage from Indigenous and visible minority Canadians and restoring these histories for families and communities, this project explores how archives have the power to shape who we become and how we relate to one another. Listen now

Chinese Students Challenge Segregation

The history of school segregation is seldom remembered in Victoria, British Columbia but two buildings in the heart of today’s Chinatown played a central role in the Chinese community’s response to it. Read more

Witness to War… and Peace

New museum will explore the Asian experience during the Second World War. Read more

Flying and Spying

Chinese-Canadian Kam Len “Doug” Sam served in the air force in the Second World War. Shot down in France, he gathered critical information as a spy for the Allies. Watch now

Being Kaur

Kaur Collective builds community for Sikh women through prayers. Read more

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Canada’s History Archive featuring The Beaver

Please note: Some items featured in our newsletters and social media will include links to the Canada’s History Archive. The Beaver magazine was founded, and for decades was published, during eras shaped by colonialism. Concepts such as racial, cultural, or gender equality were rarely, if ever, considered by the magazine or its contributors. In earlier issues, readers will find comments and terms now considered derogatory. Canada’s History Society cautions readers to explore the archive using historical thinking concepts — not only analyzing the content but asking questions of who shaped the content and why.
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