Veterans Day / Armistice Day Commemoration Resources

As many jurisdictions have Remembrance Day/Veterans Day as a holiday, these materials may be of use to some teachers out there today.

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Remember our WWI Veterans by donating to their Memorial in Washington, D.C.

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Armistice Day / Veterans Day Resources

Bells of Peace Logo 2019

in 2018, we launched “Bells of Peace” as a WWI Remembrance on the centennial of the Armistice of World War I. Tens of thousands of communities, churches, organizations and individuals came together for a moment of reflection to honor the people, events, sacrifices and consequences of the “War that Changed the World”.

It is a means of showing respect and reverence to the horrific, the heroic, and the consequential. In order that these events do not fade back into the mists of obscurity, we are once again calling for a National Bell Tolling on the 11th hour (local), of the 11th day of the 11th month.

Join us as we stop, and take a moment to reflect, remember and honor… as we reverently toll bells 21 times, 5 seconds apart in hope for continued peace.

Bells of Peace App 2019 - toll

No Bell? No Problem!
We have an App for that.

2019 “Bells of Peace”
Participation App Features:

  • For iOS & Android mobile devices.
  • Countdown timer to 11am local 11/11/19
  • Easy to share with friends.
  • Bells will toll together across devices.
  • Select from 7 bells sounds.
  • Auto OR Manual tolling mode.

And more…

Get The Participation App >

Multi-Denominational Sacred Service

Sacred service smarphone

World War I Armistice Day Commemorative Sacred Service

If you play this podcast on 11/11 starting at 10:03:30 am local, the Bells of Peace will toll at 11am exactly.

This special 90 minute podcast is available on your Smartphone or on the web. It brings you the sound of the World War I Armistice Day Commemorative Sacred Service, a multi-denominational service honoring the Centennial of the WWI Armistice, from the WWI Centennial Commission in partnership with Washington National Cathedral.

Listen to the Sacred Service >

Download the Service’s Program:

Download this beautiful 36-page program from the Sacred Service. This is a wonderful remembrance and a keepsake in its own right.

Download the Service’s Program >

A Great WWI Story to listen to together.

This iconic WWI picture shows SGT Roy C. Holtz, of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and he is riding through a European city on a Harley Davidson!

Yes – A WWI era Harley — Also iconic and also from Wisconsin!

Actually, the picture and caption aren’t quite accurate… that’s Belgium he is riding through; it’s not Germany —  But the story is true, real and more amazing than the simple assumption.

Our good friend, citizen historian and author Rob Laplander wrote a researched account of this story… what “actually” happened –  intended for high school students.  Rob generously has given us permission to produce the story for you as a Podcast… and we have the whole 40-minute story for you here today. It is fun, interesting, family friendly and a great listen by yourself, or with any group. It is an ideal Veterans Day activity. Please enjoy.

smartphone roy holtz

“First into Germany”:
SGT Roy Holtz – And he did it on a Harley
By author Robert Laplander

Easy to access and play from your Smartphone or the website.

Listen to the Story >

National WWI Memorial View

Honor and Remember All Those Who Served in WWI For Generations to Come!

As you remember all veterans and their service on Veterans Day 2019, please help us honor our WWI Doughboys, Hello Girls, Devil Dogs, Hellfighters, Air Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, Nurses, Donut Girls, and everyone in our nation that rallied to the cause for world freedom and Democracy a century ago. It was no less than the birth of our nation on the world stage.

Step up and help build this memorial in our nation’s capital to honor America’s epic, historical, and previously unprecedented commitment to the values that define us.

We cannot let this story, sacrifice and lesson fall back into obscurity. Your participation will help it stand for generations to come. Please donate on this special day!

Donate Today

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